English Summary

Bärenzeit.... a company spreading bear-like happiness through writing, pictures and actions

Teddy bears are only something for children-

or can an adult, someone in the prime of their life, occupy themselves with teddy bears?

Of course they can! Better yet: They must!


We are living in a fast-paced, hectic time in which values such as trust, care, respect and happiness are often neglected or completely ignored. It’s good to think back to our childhoods, where many of us had a cuddly, furry, dreamy friend who listened to us, comforted us, and loved us unconditionally. Only one thing was expected in return - love and protection:

The teddy bear! 

I’ve made it my mission to be the “voice” of teddy bears and to share their experiences, letting them speak as contemporary witnesses and to make our world a little livelier and more sentimental with lovingly arranged photos.


Bärenzeit was founded as Start-up Unternehmen in  November 2007 by Dr. Ursula Fellberg and has the following business...


With the company Bärenzeit parts of the "collection Fellberg" are presented to the public about the depicted media.

Teddy bears and friends can not be visited (yet).


Brunos Online Bear Museum is the beginning and continues to live. The books and lectures complete everything by the "written word", a virtual tour of the private museum will follow and a real Teddy Bear- and Toy Museum is the goal.


Bruno’s virtual Teddy Bear Museum is a unique online meeting place of loveable cuddly-toy friends whom the host Bruno would like to present:

A bear museum for bears as a home for many old, beautiful, sweet and cuddly friends who have settled in and now want to show themselves to the world on the internet.

It is also from bears, because Bruno will talk about his cuddly counterparts – teddy bears and many other friends – and, with pictures, movies and stories, will show all the experiences cuddly toys have.

 “Don’t dream your life, live your dream”.

I’m sure that children who love animals, and especially (teddy) bears, will be able to learn a great deal. At the same time, collectors and all bear friends can dive into a special world and bring their childhood and their dreams back to life. The bear museum has bears by the established companies Steiff, Hermann Coburg, and Hirschaid, as well as by special bear-makers, artistic bears, no-names, souvenir bears, and many other cuddly toys of various origins.

In exciting, lively presentations, I take my listeners on a journey through time to life in Berlin around 1900, jumping from Prussia to Bavaria, elegantly transitioning from one turn of the century to another. Accompanied always by historical and current teddy bear personalities.

I like things to be cuddly at times, too. In addition to my high-pressure management job, I have established an extensive and varied teddy bear collection.

Cuddly friends from six decades, cute and loved, in part based on historical personalities, are more than just nice to look at.

They also have a story to tell:


My lectures enthrall listeners/readers without being too serious, always with a wink and amusing, sometimes ironic introductions and conclusions.

The stories – just like the books – are represented with one or more teddy bears or other cuddly toys.

Publications by “Bärenzeit Verlag”

bring friends of then and now to life, put them center stage and – thanks to intelligent text portraits – give readers interesting background information of the individual bear-sonalities.

A wonderful read for anyone not wanting to close themselves off from their emotions, wanting instead to dive into a special world in which dreams come alive and trust is a necessity for getting along with one another.

Bear books are as much a part of bear-happiness as sending bear postcards to family members, dear friends, colleagues, or anyone who takes pleasure in teddy bears and co.

That is why postcards are now also available in charming designs.


Books, postcards, and more can be purchased in the Bärenzeit Shop.